7 Tips For Teaching Young Learners

Teaching English (or any subject, really!) to learners between ages 5 to 8 can be quite the challenge, but once you overcome the main obstacles it is quite gratifying as well. Children are like sponges, they absorb new information very easily, but you have to take into account that their personal skills are still developing.… Continue reading 7 Tips For Teaching Young Learners

Hello world!

In this blog I will try to collect a series of useful resources, not only for teachers such as myself, but also for students who are learning English, as a tool to complement their independent or classroom lessons.

I make my own material for some of my classes, so I’ll upload some of those too once I make the finishing touches (credit and such!)

So, hello all! I hope you stick around long enough to see this site grow and I hope you continue to grow as well.