Useful tools: LyricsTraining

Today one of my students showed me a very useful website for both teachers and students. This is definitely the most fun part of teaching: you learn so many new and interesting things! When I was at school, I remember my favourite English lessons were listenings. Because usually the teacher would play a song and give us the printed lyrics with a few gaps we had to fill-in. I loved listening to music and I loved learning new words from the lyrics. It’s exactly how I discovered Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody in 7th grade, my entire class was hooked to the song since then.

Back then, teachers would have to type the lyrics themselves and put the gaps, and many times the lyrics were inaccurate. One of my teachers had a pretty brilliant and sneaky idea to cut down the work from her busy schedule; she asked us students to bring in lyrics with gaps that we’d like to have the rest of the class to listen. It was a good idea because it made students very interested in participating in the activity, since we could bring our favourite songs, but it was difficult for the teacher to keep the songs within the appropriate level for the class (not to mention the appropriateness of the language, which more than once was risqué!)

Well, things have quite changed in these 20 years (I’m old!) and LyricsTraining is here to prove that. You can select from a plethora of popular songs and fill in the lyrics online (as if it were a game), or you can print the lyrics and even select which words you want as a gap. It cuts down the entire process of looking for the lyrics, copying and pasting on Word, and then putting in the gaps. Just select which song you’d like, click the words you want replaced with a gap and print away!

The LyricsTraining landing page

What’s more is that you can even select from other languages as well. French, German, even Polish and Japanese! And it seems they keep adding more languages, so this is absolutely brilliant. I know I will be using it in my classes!

Languages available as of now

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